+++NEWSFLASH – Relase of my Album ‘Catch Me’ (Prosodia) is delayed until some time later this year (2021) due to the Corona pandemic+++

Why do I play music?

I love to communicate with an audience. I love to sing and be heard. Touch the souls of the people listening, move them with a story they can relate to: Love, and often not enough, love lost, love found, mishaps, mis-calculations, mis-communications and sometimes nevertheless successes that can be celebrated. Stories written by life itself.

Being in front of an audience is the moment that counts. My songs are the stories I bring to the gathering, I am prepared, my set is ready, a dramatic curve worked out and I begin.

If and when the magic works, the crowd falls silent and just listens, listens to my voice, listens to the story I am telling. The voice is the messenger between the idea and the emotion: When it works, we are one emotion.

These are the moments that I crave and with the right audience magic sometimes happens.

Nothing but the singer and the song.