I am a Singer/Songwriter

I was born in Germany, but write in an American idiom. Growing up with British forces radio, my first influences were British and American music as presented by Bob Harris, John Peel and the wonderful Alan Bangs with his Nightflight program.

When I was old enough -and had a music degree under my belt- I moved to England in pursuit of fame and fortune in rock’n roll.

After 25 long years I came back with neither fame nor furtune, but with a lot of musical experiences and many, many stories to tell.

I sing over a strongly rhythmical guitar backing, with a straight and open voice: No artifice, no holding back.

As a white, northern European working in an American musical form, I don’t write about specifically American subjects, but write instead from my own personal experience in a way that hopefully anyone can relate to. Heartache hurts the same whereever you are.

There are so many great songs by other writers out there, which continue to inspire me and I have some in my set by Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Carol King and others. The vast majority of my set, however, is my own music.