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New Songs January 2021 – Home Recordings

The Empty House, 23/01/2021

Sound And Fury, 24/01/2021

Our Plans, 25/01/2021

Recorded live & mixed by Menny Leusmann @ Monkey Moon Recordings April 2019, Mastered by Philipp Welsing @ Original Mastering May 2019. Many Thanks to David Bartelt for superb guitar playing and singing!

The Cigarette After

Everything Has A Name

Recordings Watt Matters Recording Studio, Jan 2018

On My Last Day

Give me a Name


Take Me Down To The River

Thank You For Your Attention

The Cigarette After, Live at the Eliaskeller, Dortmund, 05/09/2019

Everything Has A Name, Live at Langer August, Dortmund, 31/08/2019

The Cigarette After, Excerpt: David Bartlett and myself in the studio, April 2019