About me

I have been playing music since my teenage years.

I took a degree in orchestral percussion but then decided to be a drummer in bands and play Rock n’Roll, Jazz, Funk, Latin and whatever needed to be played, often adding backing vocals from behind the drums. I moved to England in pursuit of fame and fortune and there started to write songs.

After years of touring and recording in England, Ireland (N and Republic), Germany and Luxemburg, I mothballed my drums -I still keep a complete kit, just in case- moved back to Germany and decided to concentrate on singing and songwriting. Some say it’s only because a guitar is so much easier to carry.

This is certainly true, and I do enjoy the occasional gig in a small club without a PA, where I can just walk in, open my guitar case and my mouth – and we have music. But the other reason is, when it comes to music, what really gets under my skin is a good song well sung. Never mind clever arrangements, it’s the song that counts.

Nowadays I play solo. I play some carefully chosen, dismantled and newly re-constituted classic songs by some of the greats, but mainly my own songs.

Some of these can be found under “Songs”, I hope you enjoy them.

At the end of 2021 I published an album of my own songs: Catch Me (Prosodia Records).